4 legit ways to know if you are blocked on iPhone without calling

In this digital age, we use our smartphones for daily communication. Being blocked by someone can be anxiety for no reason. Confirm whether you have blocked it or not. Of course, there are a few methods you can use to find out if you’ve been blocked without calling on your iPhone. We have listed four methods that you can check.

4 ways to know if you are blocked from calling on iPhone

#1. Mask your phone number

First time to hide your phone number before calling. By doing so, your number or caller ID will not appear on the other person’s phone.

If your number is blocked, you will not be able to make phone calls; However, if you succeed in calling, no problem.

How to mask your phone number –

  1. On your iPhone, go to systems
  2. Then, you’re good to go Phone > Show My Caller ID > Turn Off
  3. Dial *67 Before dialing that phone number.

Note – You cannot disable Caller ID if your carrier does not allow it.

Now, if you have successfully hidden the phone number, dial their number using *67.

#2. Send them an SMS

This method only works if the other person has an iPhone.

On an iPhone, if you can’t send an iMessage to a person, it’s a sign that they’ve been blocked. If the other person has an iPhone, try sending them an iMessage; If they have blocked you, your message will have no indication that it was delivered or read.

Steps –

  1. First, you can Open iMessage.
  2. then, Send an iMessage to the person.
  3. If the person doesn’t block you, You will see ‘Delivered’ or read your message below.
  4. However, if you are blocked, It doesn’t show anything.

Information – On iPhones, iMessage is sent in blue bubbles, while normal SMS is sent in green bubbles. You need to send an iMessage (blue bubble), not a normal SMS.

imessage vs sms/mms samples screen

#3. Also check if you are blocked on other messaging apps

If you get blocked by someone, there is a high chance that they have blocked you on other social media and messaging apps as well.

Here are some signs of being blocked on your respective social media apps –

  1. Instagram – You won’t see their Instagram username; Instead of their username, ‘Instagram user’ will be displayed.
  2. Share – You can no longer see their profile picture or last seen. The message you send will have one tick (message sent) and no double tick (message delivered.)
  3. Snapchat – First, go to the search option and search for their username; If you’re blocked, you won’t be able to see their username.
  4. Facebook Messenger – In Messenger, try to send a message to a person and it will not be delivered; It will show a blank circle with a checkmark.

Keep in mind that all symptoms appear if the person deactivates or deletes their account. However, you can ask your mutual friend or use other social media accounts to see if they are seeing the same symptoms.

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#4. Your calls go straight to voicemail

If someone blocks you, you call them. But your calls won’t ring, you’ll go straight to voicemail without calling. If there is no voicemail, their phone will be constantly busy and you will not be able to ring them.

This is a sign that you are blocked; The only exception is when the other person is in DND or airplane mode.

What to do next?

Before taking any action, try to confirm that you are blocked. The best way to do that is to approach the person. Even if you can’t reach the person, don’t overthink the situation in your head; It will make the situation worse.

Once you’ve confirmed you’re blocked, there’s nothing you can do; Accept the situation and respect their boundaries.

bottom line

All the methods mentioned here are merely indicative; There could be many reasons why you may experience such symptoms. The best way to look for this is to interact with a person and be direct.

But if you can’t relate to them, try asking a common friend.

Even if you find that the other person has blocked you, you must respect their boundaries and your self-worth.

That’s it for this article; Thanks for reading!

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