How does RS3 block clan requests?

Runescape is a fun game. Clan is a feature of this game that allows different players to play together. These groups can enjoy various group activities in these games. However, not everyone likes these. So here is a guide on how to block clan requests rs3. Rs3 has a facility to block these requests.

Ban requests bring peace of mind and focus. So you can focus more on your game than accepting requests.

Steps on how to block clan requests RS3

Here are the steps you should follow to block those requests. You have to do this yourself and the process is not very complicated. So even if you are a beginner, you can do it anytime.

  1. First, log into the games and then find the Clan Chat interface. This can be found by clicking on the icon that resembles three people.
  2. Now click on the option that says “clan setting”.
  3. To block requests, you need to go to “Join Settings” option.
  4. Here in this interface, you will see an option “Allow guest to join chat”. You should disable this setting and then you will not receive any request.

Other tips to stay away from these unwanted requests in RS3

There are a few other pointers as well. Use them to naturally stay away from requests.

  1. Personalize your player status. And no one will bother you with requests.
  2. If you want friends who don’t need it, talk to your friends about it. Get busy playing along with them.
  3. If you start receiving requests even after blocking them, check your settings regularly.


In conclusion, here is how to block clan requests RS3. This guide will help you navigate request blocking on the RS3 platform. This is the only way to block these requests. However, there are some alternatives to increase privacy. All of them are mentioned here. So make sure to use all of them.

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