How many weeks for awareness campaign ads meta and google?

Promotional ads are a great way to increase a business’s revenue. Businesses can grow with the help of these advertising campaigns. But have you ever wondered, awareness campaign ads meta and how many weeks for Google here is the answer. Average duration is 8 weeks to 12 weeks.

Meta, commonly known as Facebook and Google sites, is another site that people use a lot. So these two are prime platforms for advertising. Businesses can grow overnight with the help of this advertising campaign. Also, both of them are known for great advertising campaigns.

But remember that the longer the advertising campaign for the business runs, the more the audience will connect with the brand. So the duration of the advertising campaign directly affects the business. So it is very important to know about advertising campaign periods.

How many weeks for awareness campaign ads meta and google?

Here is the answer. If we talk about the time of advertising campaign in Meta and Google, it is about 8 to 12 weeks. The duration of an advertising campaign on Meta and Google depends on various factors.

And these are all very strong factors. This time can vary with the type of business you have and what you expect from the campaign. So this average time is not fixed for each business. Here we will discuss Meta and the factors that determine the end time of an ad campaign on Google.

Understanding the Basics of Meta and Google Ads Campaigns

Before diving into Meta and the optimal time to run awareness campaigns on Google, it is important to understand the essence of these campaigns. Awareness campaigns are designed to introduce a brand, product or message to a wider audience. Unlike performance-based campaigns that focus on immediate conversions, awareness campaigns create visibility, brand recognition and a positive connection with the target audience.

Factors Affecting Meta and Google’s Ad Campaign Duration

Now let’s learn about awareness campaign ads meta and factors affecting Google. These factors will give you an idea about the performance of Meta and Google Ads campaigns. Therefore, it is essential to have basic knowledge about these factors.

#1. Your budget for the campaign

Campaigns are conducted every week. So what you pay to Google and Meta will be for a weekly campaign. You can run an ad campaign on both of these platforms for a long period of time. If you have a large budget for campaigns, this is possible. Otherwise, it is not possible. So your budget for advertising campaigns is an important factor. The more money, the longer the campaign.

#2. Product type

Google and Meta have decided on the maximum duration for ad campaigns. And it depends on the type of business you have. If you have a small business, there is no point in using long advertising campaign periods. But if you have a large-scale business, you can run an advertising campaign for a longer period of time. So the type of business you run directly affects the duration of your campaign on Google and Meta.

#3. Season and preparation

An ad campaign for a cold drink in winter will not be effective. It will be a waste of money. Neither Google nor Meta will advertise that campaign. So the product and the seasons greatly affect the campaign. It is advisable to run the ad during the season. For example, a soft drink ad campaign will generate more revenue in summer than in winter.

What is the recommended duration for ad campaigns on Meta and Google?

The choice is entirely yours. You can run as many ads as you like on Meta and Google. But if you ask about the most effective time and duration when the brand generates the most audience, after this time 1 – 4 weeks, the customer rush decreases. The brand lacks much interaction with the audience. So 1 to 4 weeks is the best time.

How to Use Meta and Google Ads Campaigns for Effective Business Growth?

Advertising campaign can be used for business development. But there is a specific way to use these advertising campaigns. You can run an ad on Google and Meta for a whole year. However, it doesn’t do business growth because after a certain time, Google stops promoting the business. And viewers get bored of seeing the same ad over and over again. So here are some tips for effective Google and meta ad campaigns.

  • Run the ad campaign for 1 to 4 weeks only.
  • Repeat the ad campaign after a month.
  • If your product is seasonal, make sure to run an ad campaign frequently before and after the season.
  • Use different visuals for your brand each time. Like a weird video promoting your brand. This will bring awareness campaign ads meta and variety to your content image in Google.


I hope you will find the answer to the question “how many weeks awareness campaign ads meta and google” and understand other factors while reading this article completely. Both these platforms are well known for business development. So these two platforms can give immense growth to your business.

If you use campaign planning effectively, you will get solid growth in your business. There is no fixed time frame for a commercial advertising campaign. You can set the ad campaign duration yourself.

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