How to Fix White Spots on Phone Screen {5 Best Ways}

The display is one of the most important components of a smartphone, but this important component is also one of the most sensitive components. So it is very important to take care of your screen; Otherwise, you may face different display problems. Now, among the various display issues, seeing white dots on the phone is one of the most common. So, this blog will help you find various solutions on how to fix white dots on phone screen without getting into trouble.

If you see a spot on your phone screen, don’t worry because bright spots don’t always mean a damaged display. One can easily fix the problem at your home. Let’s get into that.

This is the reason why your phone display has white dots


Before finding the right solution to fix white dots, it is important to know the causes of white dots on your phone’s display. If you know the exact reason, it will be easier for you to choose the best solution.

Also, you will be careful about your phone’s display in the future. Below are some common causes of bright spots on a phone’s display.

#1. Pixel problems

If you see tiny white dots on the phone screen, you are very lucky. This is because you can solve this problem yourself. This case is called stuck pixel, which means a pixel is stuck.

The problem here is that the pixel doesn’t display colors other than white. But remember, this problem only affects one or two pixels, which means you’ll see very small white spots.

#2. Pressure on the screen

Whether your phone has an LCD, LED, or AMOLED display, all of these displays are extremely thin. So a slight pressure on the screen can damage them. If the pressure is too high, the screen may turn black in the affected area or it may stop working altogether.

But if the pressure is light, the affected area of ​​the display will turn white, leading to a bright spot on your phone. Now, the size of the bright spot depends on the area of ​​impact and the pressure.

#3. Dust interference

This is very important. If a smartphone is dropped several times or opened several times for repair purposes, it may not be glued properly, leading to some gaps. Often, these gaps are left between the edge of the rear frame and the display glass.

This space is enough for dust and other small particles to enter inside the phone. These particles get stuck directly over the display and lead to white spots on the screen.

#4. Software problems

Any smart device is a combination of hardware and software. We’ve covered all the major hardware issues above, so it’s time for the software issues. However, software issues are not always responsible for this.

But sometimes the display may not work properly or may turn white overall due to software issues. These issues are mostly related to malicious software/apps, outdated software etc.

How to Fix White Dots on Phone Screen – 5 Ways


Now that we have learned about the possible reasons behind white dots on the screen, it is time to know the ways to fix them. Let’s take a look at four different ways to fix white spots, and these solutions will work for every smartphone.

#1. Restart the phone

A white spot on a phone screen is caused by a stuck pixel. This solution will definitely work. Press the Power button and select Restart. You can turn off the phone for a while and the stuck pixel will start working properly. And the small white dot disappears from the display.

#2. Change the screen

If there is visual stress or physical damage in the background of the white spot, there is nothing you can do. It is not recommended to go through the repair process on your own. However, in such cases, the only option is to replace the screen, and this should only be carried out by professionals.

But yes, if the spot is not big and does not affect you negatively, you can wait for a while. In the case of modern displays, the bright spot may be completely absent or barely visible. But this happens only if the vulnerability or impact is minimal.

#3. Clean up the display

If dust or other unwanted particles are stuck on the display or display glass, please visit the customer service center for cleaning. The display can be gently cleaned so it doesn’t lead to screen replacement.

But remember, gentle cleaning is recommended. If there is a thick layer of dust, a specialist will recommend screen replacement. Coming to the glass, there will be no problem in cleaning the glass.

#4. Proper sealing

As mentioned above, the front glass of the phone is not properly glued to the back structure, due to which there is a gap.

  • First, it becomes a gateway for dust and other particles.
  • Second, due to excess air, the display may turn white around the edges (where there is space).
  • So buy mobile repair glue and seal your phone properly.
  • This removes white matter from the edges and prevents unwanted particles from entering the phone.

#5. Software troubleshooting

If you are sure that there is no physical damage, there is a possibility that some application or software is causing this problem. One of the best software fixes to help you reset your phone. This means deleting everything and resetting your phone. Before doing this, please backup your data and other useful information. Second, you can uninstall new applications that are experiencing this issue.

Most importantly, update your phone to the latest version and don’t forget to update every app on your phone. Viruses sometimes cause white spots, so delete all suspicious files.


Facing white dots on the screen is quite a problem. Sometimes, it’s not too serious and can be easily resolved without much cost. But sometimes the reason behind this problem is very serious and may force you to spend huge amounts of money. The above article will tell you everything related to white spots on screen.

From their causes to solutions and ways to prevent such problems, this article will be a game changer for anyone looking for how to fix white dots on phone screen.

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