How to get free virtual number for telegram? (2024)

Virtual numbers for Telegram give you more privacy and separate your regular phone number and contacts from virtual numbers, making your Telegram experience better if you are a privacy-conscious user.

Now, the question is how to get a free virtual number for Telegram.

Various VOIP services offer free virtual numbers that can be used in Telegram or any other application. In this article, we will tell you how to get a free virtual number for Telegram.

Let’s get started…

What is a virtual number for Telegram?

Virtual numbers are linked to your existing phone number and can function as a normal phone number with the help of the internet. A common way to get a virtual number is to use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services. The benefits of having a virtual phone number include:

  1. privacy: This helps keep your home number private, not everyone is comfortable sharing their numbers on social media.
  2. Affordable: There are many VoIP services available, and many of them are free.
  3. Convenience: Virtual numbers are very convenient as you can use them on multiple devices e.g. Phones, computers, laptops etc. Plus, you don’t need to carry a SIM or a specific device, you can log in and access your virtual number on any WiFi-enabled device.

For Telegram, you log in with your virtual number and use your Telegram number like a normal user. You can receive messages and calls on your Telegram app with a virtual number.

Now, let’s see how to get one…

How to get free virtual number for telegram?

Register with any VoIP services and get your virtual number.

You can use a virtual number just like any normal number to register with Telegram, you just need to choose a VoIP service to get a virtual number. Register with that virtual number and here are the best services that provide virtual numbers.

Top 10 VoIP Services to Telegram

Here is the list of top 10 VoIP services you can use on Telegram. Just register with them using their app or website, get a virtual number and use it in Telegram like a normal phone number. When you register on Telegram using a virtual number, you will receive a verification code in the service provider’s app.

Service provider Pricing Available
textbook Free | $4.99/day | $39.99/month America
Google Voice Free plan and premium plans USA & Canada
Ring Central 14 Days Free Trail & Pro plans start at $20 a month in 46 countries
Zoom phone A free plan & a paid plan starting at $14.99 a month In 49 countries
Tailpad 14 days free trial; Paid plans start at $15 a month 50+ countries
Grasshopper No free plan; Paid plans start at $26 a month USA & Canada
Textless Free! USA & Canada
Call the hippo Free plan and paid plan starting from $16 a month 100+ countries
Sonetel Free plan and paid plan starting from $9.99 a month throughout the word
Nextiva No free plan; Starting at $23.95 per month America

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Frequently Asked Questions: Free virtual number for Telegram

1. Can I use Google Voice number for Telegram?

Yes, you can use a Google Voice number to run Telegram. However, Google Voice is only available to people living in the US and Canada. Zoom Phone, an alternative to Google Voice, is available in 49 countries and has a free plan.

2. How to get telegram code without SMS?

By using any VoIP service, you can get a virtual number. On that virtual number, you can get a verification code in the VoIP service provider app. Apart from this, you can also login without SMS on your computer by syncing it with your Telegram mobile app.

bottom line

Having a virtual number for Telegram makes your Telegram experience better in terms of privacy. Since you only need a virtual number to run Telegram, you should opt for a free service that offers SMS service. Google Voice is the best choice for residents of the US and Canada.

Zoom Phone, CalHippo and Sonetel offer free virtual numbers in most countries.

Once you get a virtual number, register on Telegram using that virtual number. That’s it, Telegram with your free virtual number!

I hope this article answers your question; If you have more questions, head over to the comment section and we’ll see you there…

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