How to Remove Hacker from My iPhone (5 Easy Ways)

The main purpose of using iPhones in general is to ensure their privacy and security; However, it is still possible to hack an iPhone. In fact, your iPhone contains a lot of personal and sensitive information, including your location and photos, making it a very useful device for a hacker. This ErrorExpres article will help you find out how to remove the hacker from your iPhone and secure your device.

Let’s start with the signs that your iPhone is hacked.

Signs Your iPhone Has Been Hacked

  1. To increase battery consumption – The first sign that someone is hacking your iPhone is that your battery will drain very quickly; If your battery is draining faster than normal, you should definitely pay attention to it. This may be due to constant data sharing of your device or background battery consumption of the virus.
  2. To increase data consumption – Hackers can access your device and information once you are connected to the Internet. Due to your device’s fixed data sharing, you may see an increase in data usage even if you don’t use much data.
  3. Spam Messages & Notifications – Many spam messages and notifications. This can happen when someone gets your phone number or email information.
  4. Too many pop-ups – Getting pop-ups does not mean your iPhone is hacked; However, getting too many spammy pop-ups could be a sign that your iPhone has been hacked.
  5. iPhone heats up – Due to continuous background activity of viruses or data access by hackers, your iPhone may heat up more than usual.
  6. Unknown Configuration Profiles – Configuration profiles have access to your iPhone; The purpose of establishing this structure is usually for important purposes related to school or work. However, a hacker can install such profiles; You must uninstall the unauthorized configuration profile.

How to Remove Hacker from My iPhone – 5 Ways

#1. Uninstall the suspicious app

Remove unauthorized use

First, uninstall untrusted apps or unauthorized apps. Carefully check apps that are not installed from the App Store in particular. Having such apps on your device makes it easier for hackers to access your data. However, the solution is simple, uninstall them and their associated files.

#2. Change your Apple ID password

Change Apple ID Password - How To Remove Hacker From My iPhone

Your Apple ID is the central system for all your apps, subscriptions, and passwords. If you think your iPhone has been hacked, it’s best to change your Apple ID password and two-factor authentication.

How to Change Apple ID Password

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Your Name > Login & Security/Password & Security
  3. Tap Change password

Remember to choose a strong password.

After changing your password, review all information and update any unauthorized or incorrect information.

#3. Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security; Now, after entering the password, you need to verify your device through SMS verification. Even if your device is signed in to another device, you need to verify yourself. This will improve your security feature.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication

  1. First, go systems
  2. Then, tap on your name > Password & Security / Login & Security
  3. Tap On Two-factor authentication
  4. Tap Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.

Now, after entering the password, you need to check the device regularly via SMS. Check this SMS information on the phone you have registered with me.

#4. Delete an unknown configuration profile

Method 4 – How to Remove Hacker from My iPhone (VPN & Device Management)

It usually installs device configuration due to school and work related matters. Such profiles have access to your device, so it is best to uninstall the unauthorized profile. Here is how to uninstall unknown configuration profiles –

  1. First, go Settings > General
  2. Then, tap VPN & Device Management
  3. Identify an unauthorized configuration profile
  4. Tap on that profile and delete profile

If you can’t see any such profiles, no such profile exists.

#5. Clear browser history

If you keep getting weird pop-ups while browsing, try the method mentioned in this article. Then, delete your browsing history; It will delete temporary cache files automatically created while browsing.

Here is how to delete browser name and browser cache –

  1. Google Chrome – Open Chrome > Tap the three dots > History > Clear browser history.
  2. Safari – Go to Settings > then scroll down and tap on Safari > tap on Clear history & internet data.
  3. Microsoft Edge – Open Edge > Tap the three dots > Settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data > Select Cache > Tap Clear Browsing Data.

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Conclusion – How To Remove Hacker From My iPhone (5 Easy Ways)

Our phones contain our most sensitive personal data; That is why we should be concerned about our privacy. Once in a while, we need to check our device for unauthorized app or file and change weak passwords. Changing passwords periodically helps protect your privacy.

That’s all from our side; Thanks for reading!

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